Learning What A Sommelier Does

Learning What A Sommelier Does

Learning What A Sommelier Does


If you indulge in wine, you know there are times when it can be intimidating to order wine from the massive list, or maybe you can’t find a recognized brand on the menu. Where do you start? Well, when you come on a Creasy Bears Wine Tour, we can give you a hand. But what about when you are not with us? It’s easy, ask the sommelier. They can assist you in finding good values on the wine list, or even make a recommendation of exclusive wines not printed on the least. Who or what is a sommelier? Originating from the French, it was a term used to describe wine stewards who were serving royalty. In modern definition, a sommelier is a trained, knowledgeable, and responsible wine steward professional who knows detailed information about the wine. They include things like types of grapes used, the region the grapes were grown and its vineyards, the wine’s rating, and the various vintages of wines.



What A Sommelier Does



Other than serving wine, a sommelier has numerous other responsibilities to fulfill. Generally, sommeliers are on the road a lot as they taste new wines and attending food and wine conventions. So what do they do?



Duties In Restaurants



Sommeliers can often be found in fine-dining establishments, and the list of responsibilities they have to perform is comprehensive. It’s the job of a sommelier to make the patron feel comfortable while ordering and tasting wine as they also help them select one within their price range. They create and prepare the wine list, train waitstaff personnel about wine, order and manage the wine inventory, and also interact directly with the patrons. They are tasked with making wine suggestions that complement particular food types using their knowledge about wine pairing. They also do the wine serving and decanting.



Duties In Wineries



Naturally, wineries will hire sommeliers who have extensive knowledge about the vineyards, grapes, and wines associated with the winery. During their time there, sommeliers will teach and develop training courses. In these courses, winery guests will get to learn how to taste and recognize various wines. Their duties here will entail organizing and hosting winery tours as they assist visitors select wines that suit their taste preferences and budget.



Example of a famous sommelier;



Arvid Rosengren – Born in south Sweden Arvid rose to prominence back in April 2016 after winning the title of world’s best sommelier from a gruelling four day competition consisting of 60 sommeliers and was live-streamed to the rest of the world. He lives in downtown New York now, but spends most of his days at Charlie Bird, where he’s the wine director. Interestingly, Arvid originally studied nanotech engineering but diverted to wine afterward. His new-found status has brought him lucrative deals that include international tastings and dinners and occasionally helping American Airlines in their selections.



Modern sommeliers can typically be found across the hospitality industry and fine restaurants. So if you’re unsure about a certain brand of wine, fear not; a sommelier can act as your guide to finding the perfect wine for the occasion or meal. Like a bartender, a sommelier is a cultured and elegant person who is humorous, unobtrusive, and sociable enough to engage with clients as they stimulate their interest in food and drink.

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